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My talk

Innovating Corporate Management; Introducing Environmental Aspects to Design Activities

in the Innovating management track on ICICKM Washington

October 24th

More details and ICICKM program on

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Americans are getting into!

In the Engish version of my last book  the expression “économie de fonctionnalité” has been translated by  “service economy”.   Just discovered that the correct translation is sharing economy or/and collaborative economy

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The U.S Department of Commerce today delivered to Congress a comprehensive report on “The Competitiveness and Innovative Capacity of the United States.”  The report serves as a call to arms, highlighting bipartisan priorities to sustain and promote American innovation and economic competitiveness.

The report makes three important findings:

  • Federal investments in research, education and infrastructure were critical building blocks for American economic competitiveness, business expansion and job creation in the last century;
  • Failures to properly invest in, and have comprehensive strategies for, those areas have eroded America’s competitive position; and,
  • In a constrained budgetary environment, prioritizing support for these pillars is imperative for America’s economic future and will provide a strong return on investment for the U.S. taxpayer.

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More than ever, the capacity to innovate is a fundamental resource of organizations as well as the true wealth of a society. To contribute fully to the prosperity of an organization, region or country, the innovation process – which is not only technology-based – requires the implementation of knowledge dynamics between domains that are often treated in isolation. This dynamic is based on a synergy between humans and intelligent machines. More broadly, ‘knowledge innovation’ is based on a combination of knowledge, imagination and experience, the ability to transcend the boundaries between domains, to make linkages and operate as interdependent parts. Ecosystems of innovation include diverse facets with a global, holistic and systems approach. It brings out the concept of “e-co-innovation”, which – far from being a fad – brings a better understanding of the successful transition from idea to reality and ultimate value.” – back cover of Les Ecosystemes de l’Innovation

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Article in Innovation Management “Understanding an Exploiting Innovation Ecosystems”

http://www.innovationmanagemen​​ and-exploiting-innovation-ecos​ystems/

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On invitation of  Gérard Péliks, Président of Security Workshop of ATENA Forum

drow and dedication took place during the conference on “Where is the cybersociety, champ de mines ou bateaux ivre ?”

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Invited by Christian Rey le Directeur de Marseille Innovation

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Les Écosystèmes de l’Innovation is available at Lavoisier.

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