The book "Innovation Ecosystems"

The word “innovation” is ubiquitous.  Many persons claim the paternity of  various facets of innovation such as participative, open, disruptive…Besides why we say paternity, while giving birth is a collaborative work?

Innovation is as old as humanity, nature is also innovating – it must constantly adapt …

Innovation is an attitude that evrybody one can learn and practice since childhood, as well as the related “mental flexibility” – the ability to think system, global and holistic at the same time …

It can not exist without the past and present knowledge,  associated with a vision of the future.

It can be amplified by the education system and the surroundings, killed (“it did never work”) or copied without the valuating the initiator (most common) ..

Innovation is a game that can be practiced collectivelly (co-innovation) and using  “Mc Gywer” approach  …

Two definitions of innovation:

“from idea to sustainable success of all participants” , including planet (Eunika)

“Creation, evolution, exchange and application of new ideas into marketable goods and services for:

–         the success of an enterprise

–         the vitality of a nation’s economy

–         the advancement of society”, Debra Amidon, Entovation Intl

more definitions on

» L’innovation est une alliance entre recherche, marketing, instinct, imagination, produit et courage industriel. « Antoine Riboud, Groupe Danone

innovation durable » désigne toutes les démarches d’innovation menées par l’entreprise pour intégrer les enjeux environnementaux et sociaux dans son activité –

l’Institut pour l’Innovation et la Compétitivité i7, ESCP

Innovation is the development of a new way to create value for the society as a whole.

The term “new” is about the kind of value produced or how to produce it

Ontology of innovation

Innovation with stakeholders including clients

It was actually Eric von Hipple at MIT who we funded to do the original research on innovation with customer.

Debra Amidon’s  MIT thesis [1989] put ‘innovating with the customer’ at the heart of the ‘innovation value-system’…evolved then from the value-chain. In her  book, Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy [1997], the  chapter 9 is dedicated to customer knowledge. Its orientation is shifted from one of retention and satisfaction to one of customer success.  Novo Nordisk evolved into the notion of ‘stakeholder innovation’. Now it is integral to our P7 Blueprint to manage from purpose to prosperity.

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