Le livre "Ecosystèmes de l'Innovation"

History and practice – integrated for one-stop consumption…

Innovation Ecosystems was written by Prof. Eunika Mercier Laurent with a unique lens. As a researcher and expert in artificial intelligence, she blends her practitioner view of innovation management with the potential for collective human-machine intelligence. Many can write using these terms, but precious few have such a fundamental understanding of how they have evolved over time and how they can be applied to create value…and on a global scale.

Further, she is a global networker extraordinaire, and so her vignettes of several countries (e.g., The US, Japan, Soviet Union, Poland, Israel, China and India) are based upon interactions with local leaders in addition to her research.

But it is the window into her own country of France that is most instructive for the reader – the cross-boundary possibilities within the nation and in a global networked world. In so doing, she integrates micro-, mesa- and macro-economic views of innovation into a world view that challenges management to new ways of thinking. She has captured this global phenomenon making the complex simple without being simplistic.

The compendium of citations alone is a valuable resource and a foundation for critical thinking about what might be possible – how enterprises profit and nations prosper

eunika On sam. 26 juil. 2014 15:22:19 UTC




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